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Besder - An Investigative Journey Part 2

DoS Part 2 While we do have an already working DoS exploit, there is a lot to be learned in further potential fuzzing. Working with Radamsa was a snap, and helped me find two new vulnerabilities, the "Message Quotes" and "Options Wrong Type" vulnerabilities.

Message Quotes DoS This one takes advantage of some error made in JSON processing, when given a message that consists entirely of two quotes, the camera crashes. Not really too much to say about it. Like the size int problem, this one works on all commands.
Options Wrong Type DoS This takes advantage of another issue in the JSON processing the camera's server does. This one only works on specific commands; OPTalk, OPMonitor, and OPRecordSnap. When these commands are sent, the have the option of including a hash of options under the root as the same name of command.

{ "Name": "OPMonitor", "OPMonitor":  { "Action": "Claim", "Action1":  &quo…
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Besder - An Investigative Journey Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to my investigative journey into the Besder IP20H1 network camera! Last time, (Part 1, Part 2), I covered the VStarCam C7824WIP, a fully featured network camera with some BIG custom protocol flaws. Using knowledge gained from investigation, I was able to write an "anti-client" which could pilfer the password to the camera from a client, reflect the credentials at the camera, then install our own firmware which unfortunately bricked the device. I bought a brand new device and I'm ready to try again.

After my first article, Brian Cardiff from Manas, the creators of the Crystal language, reached out to me to say that they enjoyed the article and they wanted to give me a gift card to Amazon to pick out a new camera! And that's exactly what I did. Big thank you to the Crystal team for doing this, they are some wonderful people, and I'm really glad to be a part of their community!

If you would like to participate, you can buy the camera from…